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Meet the team that leads the region.

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Gary LaRue

Gary joined Master Networks in 2016, inspired by Dana's success. He transitioned from corporate America to work full-time at D&G Credit.

With a background in training, including his time in the United States Marine Corps and corporate sales training, he became a "success coach." Gary played a key role in enhancing the region's daily operations and implementing growth strategies, resulting in the region doubling in size. It remains the country's largest, contributing significantly to the company's size.

In 2017, Gary became the Managing Partner for the Texas North/Oklahoma Regions and was inducted into the Master Networks Hall of Fame in 2018 as Regional Partner. His contributions earned him the prestigious Dave Jenks Person of Positive Influence Award in 2021.

Dana LaRue

Dana joined Master Networks in 2013, becoming the 3rd member of the Texas North Region. Leveraging training and networking opportunities, Dana grew her startup, D & G Credit, into a thriving nationwide enterprise.

In 2017, she became a "success coach" and was later inducted into the Master Networks Hall of Fame. That same year, Dana became a Regional Partner, doubling the region's size.
The Texas North and Oklahoma Regions remain the largest in the country, offering excellent returns and hosting the most Master Chapters.

Dana is passionate about expanding into new territories, launching chapters, and providing essential business support. Her commitment to education and business growth is a cornerstone of her membership. In 2022, she expanded her impact as the Regional Partner for Oklahoma, aiming to provide similar opportunities for entrepreneurs and business leaders in both states.

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Ken Hubek 

When Susan decided to take on Master Networks, I was sidetracked in my own business. However, that came to an end in a couple of years so I joined her to be support for her in Master Networks. She had started Keller Williams Realty in the North Texas region since 1994 and had grown it from 0 to 300,000 members so I knew she could build a company. She also built a Keller williams region in Washington DC in Maryland for five years and started with zero and ended up with 1700 members and 17 market centers so I knew she could build and grow a business and this one was quite interesting and exciting. I’ve laid low and helped from behind-the-scenes because that’s what I think my responsibility is but I’m engaged in the major decisions and planning of how we take this company and keep moving it forward.  I’m proud to be a part of it.  

Susan Hubek

In September 2013, Dave Jenks introduced me to a new, creatively different networking organization, Master Networks. Intrigued by its structure, I agreed to launch it in the Texas North region. My connection with CHAS WILSON, a fellow Keller Williams Realty member, and our shared vision fueled this decision. We quickly expanded, recruiting success coaches and growing to 500 members. I focused on leadership and partnership to further our growth, bringing in Dana and Gary LaRue as partners. Despite COVID-19 challenges, we've grown to over 1100 members, leading in production and financial return. Now, with the LaRues operating the region, I contribute to planning and projections, enjoying the success of our collaborative effort.

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